UK’s most wanted Cedric “Skipper” Brown caught at carjack/kidnap scene in Erdington

By on April 8, 2012
UK's most wanted Cedric 'Skipper' Brown caught at carjack/kidnap scene in Erdington

Cedric Brown, 44, of no fixed address, appeared in court on 5th April charged with two counts of kidnapping, robbery and possession of a knife after he allegedly stole a car with two toddlers strapped in the back seat, in an attempt to escape pursuing officers.

Brown, who has been described as one of England’s most wanted men, stole the car after fleeing the scene of a burglary in Slade Road, Erdington, Birmingham.

He is also wanted for questioning about an attempted murder two years ago at a farmhouse near Bristol, and a violent burglary in Birmingham in 2009. The Bristol incident left the victim, a 49 year old man, with severe knife injuries to his stomach, head and face as his wife was forced to watch the assault.

Det Insp Jill Kells, of Avon and Somerset Police, said at the time that it was a very serious assault, and was terrifying for the victims. Two men fled the couples Warmley home after demanding money. Police think Brown, nicknamed “Skipper”, was suspected of being in the West Midlands for some time whilst detectives hunted for him in the Bristol area.

The burglary in Slade Road, Birmingham, ended with the suspect dragging the mother of two from her car and driving off with her toddlers, aged one and two, still strapped in the back seat. Officers were called to the scene of the burglary within minutes, and the three suspects were forced to flee. Two men were on foot and were quickly arrested in an alleyway. Brown was pursued by officers and abandoned the stolen Ford Focus in South Grove. He was arrested during a violent scene, and the children were found by police officers. They were quickly returned unhurt to their mother, who was naturally distressed by the kidnapping.

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